Sunday, May 1, 2011

NFL Draft Analysis Part 3: Newest Frogs in the Pros

Congratulations to the 5 newest Horned Frogs in the NFL! They will all represent the program well and should succeed at their respective teams! 5 draftees says a lot about he direction that this program is heading in! So let's get down to business!

Round 2
Cincinnati Bengals, Pick 3 (35): Andy Dalton, QB

The pride of the 2011 TCU draft class found about as good of a home as possible with the Cincinnati Bengals. Andy is a great fit for that West Coast offense and already has the hair to match the uniforms. Andy's intangibles and leadership abilities are far and away the best among all of the 2011 rookie QBs. Assuming Carson Palmer does catch the first train out of Cinci, Andy will be in a position to take control of this team and, thanks to a fantastic draft, he will be surrounded by some great talent that he can really go places with. And how about that receiving core? Not half bad for a rookie to start out with. The future looks bright for Andy and Cinci! Who Dey?

Round 5
New England Patriots, Pick 7 (138): Marcus Cannon, OT

Leave it to the Patriots to make steals at every point of the draft, and in the 5th Round, Marcus is a STEAL! Teams were clearly scared off by his unfortunate recent diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. However, it is very treatable, and there is no reason why he shouldn't make a full recovery. He is a 2nd round talent. He can play anywhere on the o-line he is needed, but he is best at that tackle spot, where he has manhandled countless stud opponents in college, (case-in-point: JJ Watt). He is a great pick for the Pats and can anchor their new look o-line for years to come.

New York Jets, Pick 22 (153): Jeremy Kerley, WR

As I said in my last post, the Jets found a diamond in the rough with Kerley. His size is a non-issue when coupled with his blazing speed and quickness and route-running abilities. He'll be playing behind some solid WR talent, but he'll provide great playmaking ability coming off the bench. The spot where he can make an immediate impact is in the return game, and we all know that's his expertise. Look for him to start as a returner coming out of the pre-season.

Round 6
San Francisco 49ers, Pick 25 (190): Colin Jones, S

Rooting for the 49ers is a tall order for me as a lifelong Cowboys fan, but I'm so happy for Colin and won't have any trouble wishing him the best in San Fran. Coach P made Colin into the player that he is today. He plays instinctive and has great speed both rushing and in coverage. There is a possibility he could crack the starting lineup, but it will be an uphill climb. He will for sure be a heavy contributor on special teams, though.

Round 7
New England Patriots, Pick 16 (219): Malcolm Williams, DB

Although I'm very happy for Malcolm, I'd be lying if I didn't say this pick perplexed me a little bit. Bill Belichick clearly sees a lot of potential with Malcolm and wants to take him on as a project. The great thing about Malcolm is that he's versatile, as he has played both safety and corner while at TCU. The biggest impact he will make right away is in special teams. He'll provide some great depth in the defensive backfield in New England throughout his career.

Again, Congratulation to all the Frogs that were drafted this year, and all those who will sign free agent contracts once the lockout ends! I wish the best to all of you! GO FROGS!

Coming up next: I'll announce who I believe had the best draft out of all 32 teams!

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