Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Artist of the Week: George Strait


"Life's not the breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away."

As much as I love and talk about other genres of music, my roots and love for country music are undeniable. And when it comes to country music, there is simply no one better than the King of Country: George Strait.

I can't say enough to George Strait's credit. He's put out over 400 amazing songs, hit after hit. He writes, sings, and plays guitar and piano. In a time where much of country music has largely shifted to a form of watered-down pop, George has stayed true to the genre's roots and has consistently produced quality, classic country music. 

George is also a Texan and an awesome Christian, all-american guy. What's not to love? He's never lived the rockstar life, but is an incredible artist and ambassador for the country brand. This man will be making hits until the day he dies. Viva la Strait! 

My Top 5 Songs
1. Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind
2. Texas
3. Ocean Front Property
4. You Know Me Better Than That
5. Amarillo By Morning

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love Disney

All of you cynical jerks who've forgotten your childhood can kiss my ass, but Disney is the greatest thing in the world! I'm tired of people complaining about how Disney is an evil corporation because they own everything and basically hold a monopoly on children's entertainment. Did it ever occur to anyone that Disney does this because they are far and away the best at what they do?

I cannot stress enough how much I love Disney and everything they do (let's not forget, Disney owns ESPN). Disney movies are joyful, fun, often thought provoking, and hilarious. Also, being a huge fan of musicals, I love how Disney movies play out exactly like a musical filled with awesome song and dance. 

Disney movies have always played a key role not only while growing up, but also in my relationship with my fiance. We both adore Disney and are always watching movies together. In fact, I proposed to her at Disneyland in very dramatic fashion. But that wonderful memory is another story.

Anyway, the bottom-line is: I FREAKING LOVE DISNEY!! In a couple days I'll be making my top 10 Disney movies when I have adequate time. Don't miss it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 10 Guitarists of All Time

Not even "The D" could deny these true Guitar Heroes

I know you've missed 'em! It's time for another top 10! This time we'll be separating the men from the boys and the vastly over-rated from six-string royalty. Sometimes when it comes to music you have to weed through a whole lot of worthless BS (*Cough* Rolling Stones) until you come to what is truly inspired masterwork. And only for you, my adoring readership, have I done just that. Sit back and behold the glory! I also strongly recommend you check out any of the below artists you haven't already listened to. 

*DISCLAIMER: Since last time I wrote a disclaimer on one of my top tens, no one clearly READ IT, I capitalized, bolded, and underlined the title of this one. Anyway, as always these are MY opinions so don't get butt-hurt when you don't see Eric Clapton on this list. I think he's great, but not top 10 worthy. Keith Richards is a worthless piece of crap, so don't even waste my time talking that mess. And NO, DragonForce's guitarist, Herman Li is NOT on this list! I have a couple of their songs and certainly appreciate their work, but there is a difference between playing very fast and playing very well. Anyway, let's get this thing started!

Honorable Mention: B.B. King, Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria), Carlos Santana, and Eddie Van Halen

10. Tom Morello:
No one has come close to the way Rage Against The Machine's lead guitarist works his ax. Morello makes his guitar wail in ways that you wouldn't even think possible. Rage's unique mix of funk, rap, and metal presented the perfect stage for Morello to demonstrate his incomparable skills. His custom guitar that reads "Arm the Homeless" only adds to his mystique. I love the way he lulls you into a false sense of security with basic riffs while you focus on Zach de la Rocha's lyrics and then suddenly blows your mind with an out of control solo. He is arguably the most innovative guitarist on my top 10, and that's why he is so awesome. If you've never heard his work, I strongly suggest listening to "Bulls on Parade" or "Killing in the Name". Or better yet, just go buy the album "Battle Of Los Angeles", no relation to the stupid movie. 

9. Slash:
This former Guns and Roses guitarist is nothing short of iconic with his unkempt curls flowing out of his top hat, but it is his skill on his Les Paul that makes him truly legendary. Slash commanded the guitar with unparalleled prowess in a time when the rock music scene was muddled with worthless hair metal bands. I love that while his face is stoic, it is as if all of his emotions have been transported into the strings of his guitar and as he plays, you feel every one of them. Like all great guitarists, he is at his best when playing the solo. This is why he's still been successful after separating himself from that jerk, Axle Rose. Most people are familiar with his work, but if you've just finished an extended stay on Mars, check out "Sweet Child O' Mine" or you can look him up on YouTube playing some more awesome stuff.

8. Joey Eppard:
Not many have heard of 3's other-worldly guitarist yet, but the public is sure to soon get wise. Eppard plays electric and acoustic for 3, but only rarely gets to truly display his full talent. I can't adequately describe his playing style, but it is nothing short of incredible when he gets going. He has the ability to make it sound like at least two or three guitarists are all playing in perfect rhythm and harmony when it is only him. The only issue is that usually 3's music only requires that he plays rhythm guitar or basic riffs. I almost wish he would hurry up and go solo or 3 could change things up a bit to showcase him more. Anyway, take my word for it, this guy's amazing. If you haven't already, listen to "Bramfatura". It is Eppard at his best. "Queen" and "Circus Without Clowns" are also fairly good showcases of his abilities.

7. Ritchie Blackmore:
When Jimi Hendrix's life came to a tragic end, Blackmore picked up the torch and built off of what he had started. He is most known for his work in Deep Purple, but in my opinion, some of his best music came out of his band Rainbow. Ritchie is one of those guys that could play an out of control solo and just makes every second look effortless and easy. Like so many on my list, Blackmore was great because he FELT the music he played. Some of his best work was improvised stuff that you can find on YouTube. He would just close his eyes and let his emotions pour out through his fingers and communicate to an audience. If your looking for something specific to listen to, check out "16th Century Greensleeves". You won't be disappointed. 

6. Duane Allman:
The Allman Brothers Band is probably often over-looked because of their country roots, but their lead guitarist, Duane Allman is without a doubt one of the greatest guitarists of all time. His skills are prominently featured in virtually every single Allman Bros. song. Unfortunately, like so many on this list, Duane's life was cut short, but he left no shortage of fantastic recordings. His music was always smooth and gorgeous, as every note rolled off of his guitar. As I said before, pretty much any Allman Bros. song you dial up will be an accurate portrayal of this man's immense talent, but one of my personal favorites is "Jessica", which is essentially a seven and a half minute sustained solo coupled with some piano inserts. You can't go wrong with the The Allman Brothers Band and you can't go wrong with Duane.

 5. Kirk Hammett:
He's the lead guitarist for Metallica, need I say more? Hammett oozes awesome playing for who I believe to be the greatest Metal band of all time (sorry Iron Maiden, I love you too). Not only can this man shred under every sense of the word, but he can also play smooth. He can tell a story with his playing filled with the entire range of human emotion. His writing is equally impressive. It is rare to find a musician that is equally technically sound as artistically sound, in that he can shred incredibly fast at times, but it's still something that you want to listen to.   As far as listening to Kirk Hammett and Metallica goes, you can't go wrong with anything on the Black Album. My personal favorite Hammett selections from the Metallica catalog are "Master of Puppets" and "One".

4. Chet Atkins:
A pioneer of country music and the Nashville sound, Chet Atkins employed his six-strings to link notes in ways no one ever thought possible. His fingers effortlessly flowed up and down the neck of his guitar creating smooth sounding magic. And the way this guy finger picked was just freaking incredible. Chet said himself that he spoke through his guitar, which is nothing short of the truth. This man could put anything on the guitar and make it amazing. I've heard him do versions of "Vincent" and "Yakety Axe" that are nothing short of flawless. You can't fully appreciate this man's craft unless you hear it for yourself. At the same time, it's hard for me to suggest just' one or two songs to listen to. You'll be good if you listen to anything with "rag" in the name. "I'll See You in my Dreams" is a great song as well.

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan:
The term "guitar god" is exclusively reserved for people like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Listening to this man play is more of an experience than anything else. His mix of blues and rock penetrates the soul. Unlike Slash, SRV visibly emotes through his guitar in an awesome display of music. As incredible as his music is on it's own, being able to watch SRV perform on video adds so much more to the experience for this reason. I feel the same way about Jimi Hendrix. Stevie was also a native Texan, thus adding to his awesomeness score. I would argue that SRV made Austin City Limits what it is today. It's so incredibly sad that his career could not have lasted longer. I mean talk about crappy luck; you get sober and then a couple years later, somebody crashes your helicopter into a mountain. If I had to only pick a few of the best SRV displays of guitar mastery, they would have to be "Texas Flood", "Testify", and "The Sky Is Crying".

2. Jimmy Page:
If you happened to read my "Artist of the Week" entry about Led Zeppelin, you have some idea of my pure adoration for Jimmy Page. This man was and is one of the best there ever was. He pioneered hard rock and flawlessly infused countless genres into Led's unique style of music. Not only could he command 12 and 6 string guitars, but also the mandolin among other instruments. And he was a fantastic writer and producer. I mean seriously, this guy is the bee's freaking knees. I would be kidding myself if I didn't say that "Stairway to Heaven" was a beyond excellent example of Page's musical prowess. After all, it's one of the greatest songs of all time. I'd also include "Dazed and Confused", "Since I've Been Loving You", and "Achilles Last Stand". Just talking about those songs makes me excited. As you can guess, I had a really hard time not putting this Jimmy #1 on my list, but as I will explain, the next Jimi is very deserving of the honor.

1. Jimi Hendrix:
Nobody comes close to Jimi Hendrix when you put playing guitar in the same sentence. Forget that he played the guitar backwards for his entire career due to the fact that he was left handed and played a right handed guitar. Just file that away. Nobody could take you to another place and portray not only emotions but vivid images through his guitar. When Hendrix played, it was more like an out of body experience than anything. That's why his band name was so fitting: The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Every time I listen to his version of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock, I get goosebumps, because I can see the irony, hear the screams and bombs falling, and feel the pain in the whole message. Incredible that someone can due that with six tightly pulled strings. Too many people don't fully appreciate Jimi because they don't understand his style of playing, but simply put, he's in a league of his own. Geez, where do I start with some of his best work. "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" and "All Along The Watchtower" are without a doubt divine. The bluesy sound of "Red House" is equally incredible. Of course, you really can't go wrong with any Hendrix song. They are all amazing and transport you to another place entirely. RIP Jimi.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Wrong again...

"STUPID! YOU SO STUPID!!!" - Kuni from Wheel of Fish

I would just like to apologize to my readers. All 8 or so of you. In what has been a crazy and exciting year of March Madness my picks proved yet again to be very very wrong. Woops. Thank God for VCU.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say tonight. It certainly has been fun to watch, so honestly I'm glad I've been wrong. I didn't pick enough underdogs this year so far anyways. Tune in Monday for the return of another Top 10!!! OOOO, Aaaaah!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quit Shoving Your Agenda Down My Throat

My official stance on blatant TV propaganda
Why can't anyone make a TV show not about rich housewives that doesn't constantly try to push an agenda and make you believe a certain way. WHAT THE HELL?! It's not even artistically done anymore! They just straight up continuously shove it down your throat.  

I love Glee, but they are by far the worst about it. Without even trying to hide it in metaphor, the creators of Glee are very clear that if you practice abstinence you're an out of touch loser,  all conservatives are moronic wind-bags, religion is meaningless, and every other scene is about GAYs GAYs GAYs. Holy crap, seriously people? I grew up in musical theater and I think this is excessive. By the way I'm so over Kurt's character. All he does is moan about how horrible his life is because he's gay. Shut the hell up with your negativity, I don't watch a show about singing high schoolers to listen to your BS drama. Not that I have any problem with gay people. I have lots of friends who are gay. But I have two stances on the matter: 

1. I don't want to hear you gripe and feel sorry for yourself, because your life is so hard because your different. Shut up and make something of yourself. An abstinent christian with a decent head on his shoulders is more rare than you and you don't see me bitching. If your going to spout off all this "Born this way" crap, embrace who you are and quit throwing a pity party.

2. Going off of my last sentence I believe, based on observing people I know, that most gays primarily are so for attention. It's BS. Homosexuality is a choice, not a genetic disposition. Just because you like fashion or musical theater doesn't mean that butt sex with men has to be your forte. Way to pigeon hole yourself into what the world says you have to do while claiming your different and living your own life.

Surprisingly, my intention in this blog is not solely to blow off steam about gay whining. Although it is irritating, I'm not homophobic. Like I said I love musical theater and gays come with the territory. There's plenty of gay people and not all of them shove it in your face. I mean look at Jay Manuel on America's Next Top Model (a staple on Abby's and my TiVo), the man is clearly gay. But he's sees no practical reason to run around moaning about it. He's comfortable enough with who he is to not constantly tell people, "I'm so comfortable with who I am, I'm different." He doesn't need to convince himself that he's ok with who is is by throwing it at people. Thank you Jay. Charles Nelson Riley was another example. Clearly flamboyant and was gay, but he saw no practical reason to make a drama out of his sexuality. I just think it's moronic the way some people act. If your gonna be gay, you don't have to make a production out of it. Live out the life you've chosen without throwing it in people's faces and trying to make them uncomfortable just so you can say, "OMG Homophobe!" Please. It also bothers me when people cash in of their sexuality. *cough Ellen Degeneres cough*. But that's another rant.

Anyway, back to my original beef, agenda pushing. I'm sick of it. Glee's not the only show that's doing it, they just don't try to hide it when they do. And the thing is, it IS only left leaning ideas. I mean I would totally call out shows for blatantly pushing a conservative agenda if it was happening, but the only place that does that is Fox News, which you watch because you want a conservative bias on the news (just like you would watch MSNBC if you wanted an obvious liberal slant). I mean I feel like even if I was a democrat I would think this kind of idea pushing is excessive. No one worth their salt wants to be told what to think. Sure, feed me your oppinions, but don't present them in such a way that makes me an assanine moron if I don't feel the same way. 

It's not like this irritates me to the point that I won't still watch my favorite shows. When you tune into any particular show be it Glee, Grey's Anatomy, or whatever else, you know what it's about and you have expectations as to what you'll probably see so you can be reconciled with the subject matter. But there's a difference between a show were everyone has sex with everyone else and a show that tells you if you aren't having sex, you're lame... you don't want to be lame do you?????? Give me a break.

Thank God for all 6 seasons of Reba on DVD. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artist of the Week: Weird Al Yankovic


"Everything you know is wrong"

I have been an enormous Weird Al fan since 5th grade and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. This dude is completely hilarious and actually very talented. Everyone knows him for his parodies, which are incomparable, but he also has a sizable amount of original works. Weird Al has never done something, be it his music, music videos, or movie, that I did not thoroughly enjoy.

A staple of Weird Al's music is the Polka medleys which he includes on every album. He is a superior accordion player and assembles some of the year's most popular music into a speedy and goofy polka. It's awesome and often reveals how ridiculous and empty modern lyrics can be. 

Weird Al has the uncanny ability to imitate and poke fun at other artists. It's hilarious. Plus he's so out-of-the-box and just weird, I think that's what attracts me to his work the most. I love the nonsensical farce that he often puts out there. Artists with an IQ higher than a sheep know that when Al wants to do a parody of one of your songs it's a huge honor. 

There's so much more I could say about Al and his work, but for the sake of time I'm going to leave it at what I've got and encourage you so become consumed by his music. I have all of his albums except two and his complete music video collection and every track is priceless. I'd also like to say in closing, that he has one of the most awesomely talented bands around from top to bottom. CHECK 'EM OUT!!!!!!

My Top 5 Songs:
1. You Don't Love Me Anymore
2. Why Does This Always Happen To Me?
3. Trapped in the Drive-Thru
4. One More Minute
5. Amish Paradise

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You mean I don't have to actually chew my food????

Recently I was on a diet and discovered the joy of Smoothie King. It's like you're cheating and eating a dessert... but in reality, it's really HEALTHY! Mind-blowing. 

Don't get me wrong, few people can grasp the joy of eating as well as I do. But in the situation I found myself, Smoothie King was pretty much the best thing ever. Except for that it's so freaking expensive, but that's another story.

It's so convenient to have a method of meal replacement that doesn't taste like an ape's butt-hole. And that is exactly what Smoothie King provided for me. All the flavors I tried were de-freaking-licious and so long as the right stuff was in 'em, they were filling too. Smoothie King gets my award for place that got me through my diet. Congratulations oh King of Smoothies, were this award well!

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness: Revisited and Revised

Butler was one of many teams to exceed my expectations this March

As the NCAA tournament enters the stage of 16, I am compelled to re-evaluate and bask in the glory of the display of basketball we've all witnessed this past week. Although my Sweet 16 ended up being 50% correct, this year was my worst for picking my bracket EVER! And yet, I am still satisfied. Partially because I had no money invested in my bracket this year, but that's a happy coincidence. Few things in sports make me happier than the little guys stepping up and showing the "Big" guys that they aren't as great as they thought. And there has certainly been no shortage of upsets and Madness in this years tournament so far.

I may have been wrong about Marquette, Arizona, and well... basically my entire Southeast Bracket, but a few of my picks still have yet to disappoint me. And the beauty of my blog is that I can now pick up where I left off and present my picks for the REAL sweet 16 and re-evaluate a new Elite 8 and so on. My original bracket still remains, but why not update my picks as well? I see no reason why not! And anyway it's my blog, so if you don't want to be reading this, it's your own fault. So away we go!



1. Ohio State vs. 4. Kentucky
Pick: Ohio State
Run-Down: This is one of two Sweet 16 match-ups that I got 100% right this year and it should make for a juicy game. I originally picked Ohio State and I'm sticking with that pick. This team is extremely good, and as much as the Buckeye football team is always over-hyped, there basketball team most certainly is not! Kentucky will be their first big test in what I believe is the toughest bracket in the tournament and I believe they pass in a fairly close game.

2. North Carolina vs. 11. Marquette
Pick: North Carolina
Run-Down: Marquette has come virtually out of nowhere (grant it the Big East is by no means "no where" until it comes to tournament time) and shocked some great competition in Xavier and Syracuse. Unfortunately, their magical run ends here. UNC continues to come on strong after taking out a talented Washington squad. Look for a battle of storied programs in UNC and OSU to finish off the East Bracket.


1. Duke vs. 5. Arizona
Pick: Duke
Run-Down: A sincere thanks for making UT fans cry by screwing them out of a Sweet 16 appearance, but sorry 'Zona, another Wildcat bites the dust in this one. Both Duke and Arizona have solid teams and Duke survived a scare against Michigan, but this stage of the tournament is when coaching really starts to matter and the Blue Devils basically have John Wooden Jr. on their side. I wouldn't be surprised if this one goes down to the wire, but I still believe Duke is just too good to end their season just yet.

3. UConn vs. 2. San Diego State
Pick: San Diego State
Run-Down: This was the other game that I originally got right, and I am also staying with my original pick. Yes, Kemba Walker is great, but this UConn team has got to be tired after their Big East Tourney run immediately followed by the beginning of March Madness in which they took out lesser opponents. Now they have to go to the West coast and play an extremely good Aztec team that has cruised through this whole season. It's San Diego State's time and don't expect them to squander it.   
Would you pick against this guy? Maybe if you want your still-beating heart ripped out of your chest...

1. Kansas vs. 12. Richmond
Pick: Kansas
Run-Down: As great as Richmond is, and as well as their veteran squad runs their system to perfection, I just have a really hard time picking against the team that I originally said would win the whole tournament. Kansas is no slouch; they've got a fantastic team. Of course anything can happen, and Kansas has certainly dropped the ball in March before. Here's hoping I'm wrong, wouldn't that be something...

10. Florida State vs. 11. VCU
Pick: VCU
Run-Down: I picked both these teams to get to the second round, but slightly underestimated them as here I find them both in the 16. Props to them for it though! I knew VCU was good, as they have been the past few years, but this squad is REALLY good. Another "mid-major" that executes their system to perfection. They'll beat FSU in a tight one, and could be in for an even more magical March with a little help from Richmond.


4. Wisconsin vs. 8. Butler
Pick: Butler
Run-Down: Butler is for real. What first appeared to be a team with a charmed season last year, has proven to be a legitimate program that could be a threat to win the National Championship in the coming years, if not this year. Wisconsin is good, but I'm still not sold on them to make an extended run. If the Bulldogs play half as well as they did against Pitt, they should handle Wisconsin fine.

2. Florida vs. 3. BYU
Pick: BYU
Run-Down: This game is particularly intriguing to me. BYU has proven that they can still win impressively without their fierce inside presence, Davies, and Jimmer Fredette is playing as good as ever. Florida is solid, with a great back-court and I originally favored them to easily make the Elite 8. However, I'm really starting to believe in BYU again. Words cannot describe the constant threat that Jimmer presents on the floor and most importantly this teams is proving that it has heart and can play (very well) in the face of adversity. BYU still has what it takes to go far.  
MY (Updated) Final Four:
Ohio State

As of right now, I'm still sticking with KU to win it all. Can't wait to see how it plays out! I love March Madness...

Monday, March 14, 2011

NCAA Tournament Preview

It's that time of year, ladies and gentlemen! The single greatest post-season in all of sports! I'm speaking of course, about the NCAA Tournament. And as the Madness ensues, everyone from your best friend to your high school librarian will be filling out a bracket in hopes of picking the National Champion. Did you think I would be any different? So without any further a do, here's my take (and hopefully the 100% correct take) on the 2011 NCAA Tourney! 

*For the sake of simplicity in writing, below I have my picks for all of the first round games (separated by region) as well as my Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final Four listed at the bottom. I have indeed filled out an entire bracket (thus leading to my final four), but I see know practical way of including my bracket in my blog. Instead, I will be making updated picks for each round as they happen, while also mentioning my original prediction. So here it goes!


1. Ohio State vs. 16. UTSA/Alabama State
Pick: Ohio State
Run-Down: Ohio State is one of the best teams in the nation and a #1 seed has never lost in the first round. Simple as that.

8. George Mason vs. 9. Villanova
Pick: George Mason
Run-Down: 'Nova is on a losing streak and George Mason has put together a pretty impressive resume. George Mason is no stranger to the Cinderella scene and I don't see them disappointing this year either.

5. West Virginia vs. 12. UAB/Clemson
Pick: West Virginia
Run-Down: First let me say that I see Clemson beating UAB in the play in game. However that's as far as my Tigers will probably go. West Virginia has yet another great team coming out of the Big East and I can see them going deep in this tourney.

4. Kentucky vs. 13. Princeton
Pick: Kentucky
Run-Down: As much as I love Princeton's Cinderella story beating Harvard in the Ivy League Tourney, I can't see them beating Kentucky. Kentucky is the class of the SEC. Of course they may prove me wrong, as did Cornell last year.

6. Xavier vs. 11. Marquette
Pick: Xavier
Run-Down: Xavier is a great team in March. Marquette wasn't all too impressive against good teams out of conference and even though Xavier is a higher seed, they'll play with an underdog mentality.

3. Syracuse vs. 14. Indiana State
Pick: Syracuse
Run-Down: As much as I would love to see the Sycamores win this one, Syracuse just looks too good. Unfortunately the East does not look like the bracket for underdogs.

7. Washington vs. 10. Georgia
Pick: Washington 
Run-Down: This is a great matchup. Washington is on a roll and I've always liked Isaiah Thomas in the clutch. 

2. North Carolina vs. 15. Long Island
Pick: North Carolina
Run-Down: The Tar Heels are playing great and Long Island presents a big mismatch. UNC wins.


1. Duke vs. 16. Hampton
Pick: Duke
Run-Down: Again a #1 seed in the first round. Plus Duke gets to play in Charlotte and that's not even fair.

8. Michigan vs. 9. Tennessee
Pick: Tennessee
Run-Down: This ought to be a great game! I like Tennessee because of their resume and the way they run the court. 

5. Arizona vs. 12. Memphis
Pick: Memphis
Run-Down: These teams seem to match up pretty evenly. I have a really good feeling about Memphis though. That's about all there is to this pick. 

4. Texas vs. 13. Oakland
Pick: Texas
Run-Down: Texas is very talented, as usual, and is probably seeded a tad lower than they deserve. The only way I see Oakland winning is if Texas comes out over-confident and looks past them (which very well may happen).

6. Cincinnati vs. 11. Missouri
Pick: Missouri
Run-Down: In my opinion, Cinci is somewhat over-rated and Mizzou has a great team as usual. Tigers in the upset.

3. UConn vs. 14. Bucknell
Pick: UConn
Run-Down: Bucknell could be a problem with a home crowd and a lot of momentum. But UConn also has a great deal of momentum coming off 5 wins in 5 days and is led by one of the best players in the country in Kemba Walker.

7. Temple vs 10. Penn State
Pick: Penn State
Run-Down: Although Penn State is the bigger name, they a the underdogs in this game. However, I've really liked what I've seen of them lately. They will be playing with something to prove as it looked like they might not even make the tourney. 

2. San Diego State vs. 15. Northern Colorado
Pick: SDSU
Run-Down: Don't sleep on SDSU, they have a fantastic team. Look for them late in this bracket.


1. Kansas vs. 16. Boston U.
Pick: Kansas
Run-Down: Sorry Boston, #1 Kansas teams never choke until the second round.

8. UNLV vs. 9. Illinois 
Pick: UNLV
Run-Down: UNLV looks to do well against a middle of the pack Big Ten team.

5. Vanderbilt vs. 12. Richmond
Pick: Richmond
Run-Down: Richmond is a fantastic Cinderella team. They're red hot coming into the tourney and Vanderbilt, as good as they are, have a tendency to under-perform when it matters (at least whenever I've watched them).

4. Louisville vs 13. Morehead State
Pick: Louisville
Run-Down: This won't be the first time the Eagles and Cards will have met in March, but the result should be much the same. However, Louisville has a tendency to live and die by the three, so if by chance the Cards go cold, watch out! 

6. Georgetown vs. 11. USC/VCU
Pick: VCU
Run-Down: I've never been high on teams coming into March Madness on a losing streak and the Hoyas are no different. Plus Georgetown has been consistently disappointing in their last couple tourneys. VCU should take care of an over-rated USC team, and come into the Georgetown game extremely hot. I love the Rams in this matchup.

3. Purdue vs. 14. St. Peters
Pick: Purdue
Run-Down: Purdue is always a solid pick in the early rounds of March. Also the odds are stacked heavily against a St. Peters team that hasn't been in the Big Dance in many years. Experience and Big Ten talent unfortunately wins this battle.

7. Texas A&M vs. 10. Florida State
Pick: Florida State
Run-Down: Florida State plays great defense and A&M has not particularly impressed me this year. Take the ACC team in this one.

2. Notre Dame vs. 15. Akron
Pick: Notre Dame
Run-Down: The Irish narrowly missed becoming a #1 seed this year, so they've got a great team. Looks like football is no longer king in South Bend. Sorry Zips.


1. Pittsburgh vs. 16. UNC-Asheville/Arkansas-Little Rock
Pick: Pittsburgh
Run-Down: Regardless of which little guy wins the play-in-game, their time in the tourney will be short lived. Coach Dixon (the only Horned Frog anywhere near March Madness now-a-days) has another solid Pitt squad ready to do some damage.

8. Butler vs. 9. Old Dominion
Pick: Old Dominion
Run-Down: Last year was magical for Butler, but 2011 is no longer their year. Old Dominion has a solid team and could be ready to make a serious mark.

5. Kansas State vs. 12. Utah State
Pick: Utah State
Run-Down: Utah State has been quietly dominant this year in the WAC en route to a 30-3 record. Two of their loses came to great teams early on. They are hot, they are good, and they are ready to make waves.

4. Wisconsin vs. 13. Belmont
Pick: Belmont
Run-Down: Everyone has one, and this is my biggest upset pick this year. I love the Bruins to sneak up on Wisconsin in this game. They play with a ton of heart and have proved time and again they can compete with the big names. Look for this to be the game that pushes them over the edge in front of the nation.

6. St. John's vs. 11. Gonzaga
Pick: St. Johns
Run-Down: Few big conference teams are as excited to be in the dance as St. Johns. The 'Zags should have somewhat of a home-field advantage, but they have struggled a lot this year. In the end, I believe St. John's senior leadership and great coaching will take them far in this tournament. 

3. BYU vs. 14. Wofford
Pick: BYU
Run-Down: BYU is simply not the team it was before Davies' suspension. Fredette will put the team on his back and get them at least to the second round, but I don't think they'll fair all too well after that.

7. UCLA vs. 10. Michigan State
Pick: Michigan State 
Run-Down: You can't count out Tom Izzo and the Spartans. They could very easily surprise some people. Lucas is finally healthy and now they're coming in with a chip on their shoulder. They'll at least get to the 2nd round.

2. Florida vs. 15. UCSB
Pick: Florida
Run-Down: Florida is the better team. It would take a failure of epic proportions to lose this game.

Ohio State
North Carolina
San Diego State
Notre Dame
Saint John's

Ohio State
San Diego State


Duke vs. Kansas


Can't wait to see how it plays out! That's the beauty of March Madness! Happy Bracketing!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen is an Asshat

Charlie Sheen is a nut-job. I haven't seen anybody capable of spewing anywhere near the inconceivable amount of BS that this man does on a daily basis. 

Everyone's heard the quotes: He has tiger blood, he cured his cocaine addiction with his mind, all he does is win. Holy crap. He is probably the most egotistical, self-centered man in the universe. I mean look at the way he drove away all of his wives.

I will say though, watching his life spiral into a fiery abyss is quite entertaining. I've never been a fan of Charlie Sheen, I think he's a pig. But watching his inane babble spattered across cyberspace can keep me occupied for hours.

I can't even think of much else to say about this man. His life is a train-wreck and yet he still feels entitled to everything in the world. Watch the Dateline interview and see for yourself. If for no other reason, simply to laugh at his insanity.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artist of the Week: Toots and the Maytals


"Reggae got soul, got so much soul"

Toots Hibbert and the Maytals are nothing short of legends when it comes to Reggae and Jamaican music. Their music was and still is a perfect combination of reggae and ska music mixed with gospel and soul influences. It is the ultimate chill, Jamaican sound.

Although the Maytals have never had the same deep poetic lyrics as Bob Marley, there music still has a way of penetrating the soul. It's simply two different types of reggae music, both awesome in their own way. Lead singer, Toots Hibbert was a reggae pioneer bringing reggae to American audiences for the first time in the '60s. Toots is also credited with coining the term "reggae".

One of the coolest things, in my oppinion, about Toots Hibbert is his Christian upbringing and the influence it had on his music. Toots has never had a Rastafarian agenda, but the soul of the music stays the same and I think that's awesome.

Another awesome thing about this group, is the perfect harmony and blend that their three voices created. You can feel a deep passion for the music they sing. It's all just so fun and care free. The Maytals are the original product when it comes to Reggae music and it shows. Also, Toots was one of the first artists to make going to jail cool, as he sang about his time in prison with "54-46 Was My Number". Take that Lil' Wayne. 

Bob Marley is the only other reggae musician that surpasses (or even comes close to) the caliber of Toots and the Maytals. And by the way, these guys are STILL recording albums! Check 'em out.  

My Top 5 Songs
1. Pressure Drop
2. 54-46 Was My Number
3. Time Tough
4. Pomp and Pride
5. Reggae Got Soul

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 10 Best TCU teams

If yesterday's post left you in a state of sadness and confusion, fear not! Today set set forth a much more joyous topic. We've looked at the worst, now it's time to talk about the very BEST! After much deliberation, I give you the Top 10 Best TCU football teams of all time!

Honorable Mention: 2003 and 1920

10. 2000 - 10-2 (7-1 WAC Co-Champions):
It was a new century and a new era for TCU football. Dennis Francione's Frogs had built upon successful '98 and '99 campaigns, including their first bowl victory in 41 years against USC in '98. It was legendary RB, Ladainian Tomlinson's senior year and TCU was primed to make a run at an outright Conference title and a Heisman Trophy for LT. This team boasted stars such as FS Curtis Fuller, WR/KR LaTarence Dunbar, Eventual NFL Pro Bowl DE Aaron Schobel, and an awesome O-Line. TCU looked unstoppable on LT's back, as they ran to 7 straight victories. However, any hopes for an undefeated season were crushed in a 27-24 loss @ San Jose State. TCU won it's last 3, but ended the season on another disappointing note with a 28-21 last second loss to Southern Miss in the GMAC Bowl. However, the GMAC was the first game for then interim Head Coach Gary Patterson. This season was remembered for LT's Heisman runner-up performance and the first time the Frogs had reached the 10 win plateau since 1938. The offense and defense were equally explosive, as they outscored opponents 410-106.

9. 1958 - 8-2-1 (5-1 SWC Champions):
Another great TCU team led by an All Star RB. "The Rusk Rambler" Jim Swink was the scourge of SWC defenses. His swift and elusive style of running was ahead of his time and no one could find a way to tackle him. The team that tended to have the most trouble with Swink was Texas, who developed their "Hook 'Em" slogan in response to Swink's running style. This particular year, Swink and TCU beat the #9 Longhorns 22-8. Other impressive wins included a 42-0 win over #8 Kansas, 22-0 over #18 Baylor, and a 36-8 win over #11 Marquette. TCU finished the season with an epic 0-0 tie against #10 Air Force in the Frogs' 3rd consecutive Cotton Bowl appearance. Their only loses came at #6 Iowa and in a 20-13 loss at #7 SMU. It is worth noting that all of TCU's opponents that year were ranked in the Top 20 except 2 (Arkansas  and Texas Tech). 1958 represented yet another season on a list of dominant ones for TCU throughout the '50s.

8. 2008 - 11-2 (7-1 MWC Runner-up):
This TCU team was all about over coming adversity and beating the odds. After a disappointing 8-5 2007 campaign, many weren't sure exactly what to expect out of this Horned Frog team. Fans quickly found out that this team was for real after 4 dominating wins to open the season against the likes of Stanford and SMU. A 35-10 drubbing at the hands of #2 Oklahoma proved to be a minor setback, as these Frogs found their way back into the Top 25 and a shot at their first BCS bid. Led by a young QB Andy Dalton, and an imposing defense led by MLB Jason Phillips, SS Stephen Hodge, and Tommy Blake's more than capable replacement DE Jerry Hughes, TCU's post season hopes came down to a showdown with conference rival #10 Utah. Thanks in large to 3 missed TCU FGs in the game's final quarter, the Utes came back and won 13-10 (en route to an undefeated season and Sugar Bowl Championship). Despite the pain of the Utah loss, TCU got a great consolation prize in the form of a Poinsettia Bowl matchup with fellow Non-BCS favorite #9 Boise State. In a fantastic and exciting game, TCU came away with a 17-16 victory thanks to a Stephen Hodge interception. TCU finished the season ranked #7 and primed to build on their success.

7. 1955 - 9-2 (5-1 SWC Champions):
1955 represented arguably the finest of Jim Swink's 4 seasons at TCU. He finished 2nd in the Heisman voting and led the Frogs to a SWC Championship and a Cotton Bowl berth. As was the case in '58, every TCU opponent was ranked save 2 (this time it was Kansas and Texas Tech). The Frogs shutout 4 opponents in '55 including Tech (32-0), #10 Arkansas (26-0), #8 Alabama (21-0), and #7 Rice (35-0). The Tech, Arkansas, and 'Bama shutouts came back-to-back-to-back. TCU beat #8 Texas in Austin, 47-20. The Frogs' only regular season loss was a 19-16 heartbreaker against #7 Texas A&M. The Cotton Bowl was also a tough pill to swallow, as TCU lost to #6 Ole Miss, 14-13. The closeness of these losses coupled with the difficulty of TCU's schedule speaks to just how good this team was. Of all the great TCU teams of the '50s, this one was probably the best.

6. 1932 - 10-0-1 SWC Champions:
This was the first TCU team to finish a full season without a loss. The stars of this team were its offensive and defensive lines (times have changed). The biggest name on this team was offensive and defensive guard Johnny Vaught. Vaught was All-American and went on to be the greatest coach in Ole Miss history, but that's another story. This Frog team was nothing short of dominant. They recorded SEVEN shutouts, including Baylor, A&M, Texas, and SMU. In addition, they outscored opponents by a combined score of 283-23. Their only non-win was a 3-3 tie against LSU in Baton Rouge. This measly tie was the only thing that stood between these Frogs becoming the first ever TCU team to win a National Championship (USC, Michigan, and Colgate were all undefeated and untied). Nonetheless, the 1932 Horned Frogs deserve a spot on this list.

5. 2005 - 11-1 (8-0 MWC Champions):
This team seemed to come out of nowhere, and by all rights should have been the first undefeated TCU squad since 1938. After a 5-6 2004 season, TCU was an after thought. This worked to their advantage as they stunned #5 Oklahoma in the season opener in Norman, 17-10. In this game they held Adrian Peterson to 63 yards rushing and imposed their will in front of a record opening day crowd of 84,332. The sky was the limit, but TCU allowed SMU to sneak up on them the very next week with a 21-10 loss. TCU stayed focused after that, winning their remaining 10 games. Stars included RB Robert Merrill, WR/KR Cory Rodgers, DEs Tommy Blake and Chase Ortiz, LBs Jason Phillips and Robert Henson, CBs Quincy Butler and Drew Coleman, and SS Marvin White. 2005 also saw the rise of QB Jeff Ballard, who took over for an injured Tye Gunn against BYU in week 4. As was the theme that year, he came out of nowhere and led the Frogs back from an 18-point deficit en route to a 51-50 OT win. This was the second OT thriller in a row and TCUs second MWC game. Due to the SMU loss, the Horned Frogs ended their first outright conference championship season since '58, in the Houston Bowl against Iowa State. In a season without a shortage of thrilling games, TCU beat ISU 27-24 on a 4th quarter FG. This was one of the most fun seasons I can ever remember watching at TCU. It ushered in the MWC era and a new era of dominance. 

4. 2009 - 12-1 (8-0 MWC Champions):
2009 was very much a historic year for TCU. They completed their first undefeated regular season since 1938 and garnered more national attention than they had in decades. There was no shortage of stars on this team. DE Jerry Hughes, QB Andy Dalton, WR/KR Jeremy Kerley, RBs Ed Wesley and Matthew Tucker, LB Daryl Washington, and FS Tejay Johnson represent just a few of the fantastic players on this roster. TCU had the nation's #1 defense and earned their first BCS berth in the Fiesta Bowl after crushing all of their regular season opponents. In reality, TCU was one play away from playing for a National Championship, because if Nebraska could have beaten Texas in the Big 12 championship, the Frogs would have taken the Longhorn's place in the dance. But that's a rant for another day. TCU went into the Fiesta Bowl against Boise State for the second consecutive post-season, visibly disappointed and thinking they would walk over the Broncos. This attitude bit them in the butt as TCU surrendered it's only loss that year, 17-10. The season's sour conclusion can't take away from how great this team really was though. The re-vamped spread offense tore defenses apart and the defense was simply immovable. It was hard to believe that this team could get any better, but they certainly did in 2010.

3. 1935 - 12-1 National Champions:
TCU's first National Championship team and one of the best in history. Led by legendary QB Sam Baugh, TCU had a pass heavy offense (by 1930s standards) that nobody knew how to defend. Baugh's strong and accurate arm coupled with his size and speed revolutionized the game of football on both the college and NFL levels. Previously the forward pass was nothing more than an occasional trick play, but Coach Dutch Meyer used Baugh's skills to turn it into something unimaginable. All- American Center Darrell Lester and HB/DB Jimmy Lawrence were also stars on this team. TCU was undefeated when they met rival SMU (also undefeated) in week 11. In what was tabbed as the "Game of the Century", SMU came away with a 20-14 victory over the Frogs. SMU went to the Rose Bowl, but lost to Stanford, thus keeping TCU's national title hopes alive. When the Frogs beat LSU in the Sugar Bowl in an epic 3-2 battle, they guaranteed themselves a share of the National Championship. It was the beginning of a Golden age for the Horned Frogs. 

2. 1938 - 11-0 SWC and National Champions:
The 1938 squad has always been recognized as the single greatest in TCU history, and for good reason. QB Davey O'Brien won the Heisman while leading the Frogs to an undefeated, untied season and National Title. Center Ki Aldrich and Tackle I.B. Hale were also All-Americans. The Frogs were nothing short of dominant, as their spread offense outscored opponents 269-60. Their final seven opponents were all ranked in the top 10 and none of them mustered more than a single TD on the Frogs. The closest TCU came to losing all year was a 21-14 victory against Arkansas in week 2. TCU beat the #1 team twice (Texas and Carnegie Tech) and the #2 team three times (Rice, SMU, and Tulsa). Their 15-7 Sugar Bowl victory against Carnegie Tech earned TCU it's only undisputed National Championship. It was Coach Meyer's crowning achievement and something that all Frog fans have always been able to hang their hat on. 

1. 2010 - 13-0 MWC Champions:
Although this is a semi-controversial pick for #1, I fully believe that 2010's team was the greatest TCU team of all time. These Frogs could have lined up against any team in the nation and won. They are the only other team besides 1938 to complete an undefeated, untied season and the only TCU team to hold the distinction of Rose Bowl Champions. If playing in the time before the BCS, these Frogs would have absolutely been voted at least a share of the National Title. QB Andy Dalton enjoyed his finest season in 2010 with an innumerable amount of offensive weapons around him. Many of the same stars from 2009 remained on this team. LB Tank Carder truly came of age and became a force on the defense. This team was immensely talented from top to bottom. The defense was ranked #1 in total defense and points allowed. There were many dominating performances throughout the year, but the crowning acheivement was indeed the 21-19 victory over #5 Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. TCU may finished #2 in the nation, but they were #1 in the hearts of many. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Top 10 Worst TCU teams (Football)

Although it's a classic look, this helmet represents an era of futility

As our beloved Frog basketball team rattled off 13-straight loses to end yet another inexplicably bad season, it reminded me how blessed and spoiled TCU fans are these days. With the exception of men's basketball, we are fiercely competitive in every sport and among the best in the nation in two of the big 3, Football and baseball. It's awesome enough that our football program is the perennial contender it is. However, there was a time when 6 wins for our football program seemed like an unattainable goal and only the most die hard of fans (like my Grandpa) supported the hapless Frogs year in and year out. In homage to those by gone days (and thank God they are indeed by gone), I have compiled my list of the Top 10 Worst TCU football teams of all time. Here's hoping this list doesn't depress you too much.

10. 1979 - 2-8-1 (1-6-1 SWC):
Although freshman receiver, Stanley Washington, would eventually become a stud for the Frogs, it didn't change the fact that the team just plain sucked. Their only two wins came against Rice and Tulsa (albeit on the road). The highlight of the season was a 3-3 tie against Texas Tech in Lubbock. That was a big deal back then, but nothing to write home about now-a-days. These 3 non-loses granted the Frogs an 8th place finish in SWC play (2nd to last). TCU was outscored by their collective opponents in '79 by a combined total of 127-226. 1979 brought the dismal decade of the '70s to a close for Frog fans, however the '80s held relatively little more progress.

9. 1985 - 3-8 (0-8 SWC):
Leading rusher and Heisman candidate, Kenneth Davis, was gone and so were TCU's hopes of winning a conference game. With Coach Jim Wacker at the helm, they mustered wins against Tulane, Kansas State, and North Texas State (UNT). Conference play was one embarrassment after another. The Frogs were pulverized by every conference opponent except Rice and Houston, which were still loses. The worst of which were a 41-0 home lose to Arkansas, a 45-0 drubbing at the hands of hated rival Baylor, and a 63-7 loss to Texas Tech. The only thing that was "Unbelieeeeeevable" about this Horned Frog team was their impotence across the board.

8. 1983 - 1-8-2 (1-6-1 SWC):
Despite high numbers in the loss column, TCU fans really had someone to cheer for in the form of electric RB Kenneth Davis. Fans would have to wait until '84 for Davis to lead their team to victory and an ever elusive bowl bid. But as for '83, losing remained the standard. Ties against Kansas and Tech showed tenacity, but an inability to put games away. The lone win against Rice was a high point, as TCU won 34-3 on the road. The other two highlights were close loses of 21-17 against SMU's Pony Express and 20-14 against #2 Texas in Austin.

7. 1978 - 2-9 (0-8 SWC):
No star power, no defense, and no conference victories. The 70's marched on with another losing season. Wins came against Tulane and on a long road trip to Oregon, but the Frogs remained winless at home. Among the worst losses were a 58-0 blowout at Penn State, a 41-0 home loss to #9 Texas, and a 63-6 clinic put on by the Houston Cougars and their pass heavy offense. TCU's offense never scored more than 21 points all season (against Baylor in a 28-21 loss). '78 was another year to forget.

6. 1977 - 2-9 (1-7 SWC):
It was star WR Mike Renfro's senior season, but TCU still couldn't break .500. The Frogs rattled off back-to-back wins against Rice and Miami (Fl.) at mid-season, but before you get too excited, Miami was just as awful as TCU in the 70's. Loses came against the usual suspects: SMU, Arkansas, Baylor, and A&M including loses against the #1 and #2 teams in the nation (USC and Texas respectively). At least you couldn't accuse this TCU team of having a weak schedule.

5. 1980 - 1-10 (1-7 SWC):
If you're starting to notice a pattern, Head Coach F.A. Dry ('77-'82) never had more than 3 wins in a season. 1980 was his worst. Texas Tech was the lone upset win at home by a score of 24-17. To this team's credit, they were at least within 3 points of beating A&M, SMU and Auburn. But a loss is a loss and this team did a lot of just that. There were plenty of blowout losses to teams like Arkansas, Houston, and Texas. But probably the worst loses came against Tulsa and Rice. The two teams that were usually the only ones the poor Frogs could beat disposed of TCU with 23-17 and 28-24 scores respectively.

4. 1997 - 1-10 (1-7 WAC):
That's right folks, a season outside of the '70's and '80's made my countdown! It was LT's freshman season, but before you start hoping for the best, he didn't play very much at all. In Coach Pat Sullivan's last season, TCU did just about nothing but lose, to the tune of 10 straight losses. Only this time it wasn't the Texas, Arkansas, and A&Ms of the world doing the beating. It was teams like UTEP, Vanderbilt, and UNLV. Utah, BYU, and UNC all beat TCUTCU decided to show up for the season finale against hated rival and former bully SMU. TCU squeaked by with a thrilling 21-18 win, and for the first time ever, fans tore down the goal posts after a losing season. Luckily, this win signaled better times that were to come.

3. 1975 - 1-10 (1-6 SWC):
Another year in the 70's, another losing season. In similar fashion to the '97 Frog squad, the '75 Frogs waited until the season finale to tally their first win. Only this time it came against Rice. SMU on the other hand, was one of a long list of opponents to rack up an easy win against TCU. To put this teams sheer badness in perspective, they lost the season opener to UTA (and yes, they were as bad as you think). Two shutouts came against Alabama and Texas Tech. The '75 Frogs were outscored 103-325 throughout the year. #4 Nebraska, Baylor, and Arkansas gained easy victories. Besides the 28-21 victory against Rice, 1975's shining moments came against #6 A&M and #7 Texas. TCU managed to only lose 14-6 and 27-11 against both top 10 foes.

2. 1974 - 1-10 (0-7 SWC):
'74 was much the same as '75, except that their lone win came in the season opener against UTA. They never won another game, conference or otherwise. This TCU team was outscored 79-345 combined. Their highest scoring game was 16 points against #7 Texas, unfortunately the Longhorns scored 81 in that same game. #20 Arkansas, #8 A&M, and Texas Tech all posted shutouts. Alabama was close with their 41-3 win. The closest lose was a 9-7 contest @ Minnesota. The only good that can be said about this team was freshman WR Mike Renfro. Clearly he wasn't enough.

1. 1976 - 0-11 (0-8 SWC):
The single WORST season in TCU history and the only season that the Frogs never managed to win one measly game. WR Mike Renfro was a stud, but if you'll notice, every team he was on still managed to make it on this list (1974-1977). This time, TCU was outscored by 128-430. Tennessee and Miami both posted shutouts. That's right, MIAMI! Miami beat TCU 49-0 in fact. Ugh. #6 Nebraska and #16 A&M won 64-10 and 59-10. The Frogs came within 4 points of beating #10 Texas Tech, but it wasn't meant to be. A close loss also came against Rice. Not much else can be said for this team other than that they were God-awful. Thank the Lord fortunes have improved for this program.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

SNL: Disappointment in Action

25 years of laughs and then a whole lot of sucking
Whatever happened to Saturday Night Live? I used to anxiously await staying up on Saturday nights to laugh 'til it hurt watching the likes of Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrel. Now I don't even bat an eye ant the garbage that NBC puts on the air. It's upsetting. For years SNL has produced top-notch comedians and hundreds of hilarious memories. I could go all night recounting some of the best moments. But now there's nothing to look forward to. The writing is largely uncreative, there's no comic timing, and the cast just sucks. What the hell Lorne Michaels???!!!!

I've seen maybe two digital shorts from SNL since Maya Rudolph left the show that made me laugh at all. I keep giving them chances and they keep kicking me square in the balls. The closest they got to being funny again was bringing back an OLD cast member, Tina Fey, to play Sarah Palin. The sketches largely accused Palin of illiteracy and made her look like a bumbling fool (basically the same writing for Presidents George W. and Ford). Hilarious, NOT. It's just so great too how equally they dole out the satire, since they've slightly poked fun at Obama maybe once during his entire presidency. Let's not forget an "address from the President" used to be a weekly occurrence on SNL, and they were all hilarious, but it's clearly more important to pat our inane, pop-culture sensitive president on the head for all the hard work he's doing. Bastards.

It's about more than just obvious political leanings of the current SNL team. They just are NOT FUNNY! It legitimately makes me sad. All That in the late '90s was funnier than SNL is now. These are supposed to be the best in the business? A 6th grade improv class could do better. Give me a break. 

SNL should be boycotted. Their poor attempts at comedy are a drain on our society. We need more motivational speakers and Chicago fans! We need more Land Sharks and clever Weekend Updates! WE NEED MORE COWBELL!!! What is wrong with these people. My advice to SNL: hit the film room! 25 years of sweeping comedic success could teach you something! Chris Farley and John Belushi are rolling over in their narcotic soaked graves.