Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quit Shoving Your Agenda Down My Throat

My official stance on blatant TV propaganda
Why can't anyone make a TV show not about rich housewives that doesn't constantly try to push an agenda and make you believe a certain way. WHAT THE HELL?! It's not even artistically done anymore! They just straight up continuously shove it down your throat.  

I love Glee, but they are by far the worst about it. Without even trying to hide it in metaphor, the creators of Glee are very clear that if you practice abstinence you're an out of touch loser,  all conservatives are moronic wind-bags, religion is meaningless, and every other scene is about GAYs GAYs GAYs. Holy crap, seriously people? I grew up in musical theater and I think this is excessive. By the way I'm so over Kurt's character. All he does is moan about how horrible his life is because he's gay. Shut the hell up with your negativity, I don't watch a show about singing high schoolers to listen to your BS drama. Not that I have any problem with gay people. I have lots of friends who are gay. But I have two stances on the matter: 

1. I don't want to hear you gripe and feel sorry for yourself, because your life is so hard because your different. Shut up and make something of yourself. An abstinent christian with a decent head on his shoulders is more rare than you and you don't see me bitching. If your going to spout off all this "Born this way" crap, embrace who you are and quit throwing a pity party.

2. Going off of my last sentence I believe, based on observing people I know, that most gays primarily are so for attention. It's BS. Homosexuality is a choice, not a genetic disposition. Just because you like fashion or musical theater doesn't mean that butt sex with men has to be your forte. Way to pigeon hole yourself into what the world says you have to do while claiming your different and living your own life.

Surprisingly, my intention in this blog is not solely to blow off steam about gay whining. Although it is irritating, I'm not homophobic. Like I said I love musical theater and gays come with the territory. There's plenty of gay people and not all of them shove it in your face. I mean look at Jay Manuel on America's Next Top Model (a staple on Abby's and my TiVo), the man is clearly gay. But he's sees no practical reason to run around moaning about it. He's comfortable enough with who he is to not constantly tell people, "I'm so comfortable with who I am, I'm different." He doesn't need to convince himself that he's ok with who is is by throwing it at people. Thank you Jay. Charles Nelson Riley was another example. Clearly flamboyant and was gay, but he saw no practical reason to make a drama out of his sexuality. I just think it's moronic the way some people act. If your gonna be gay, you don't have to make a production out of it. Live out the life you've chosen without throwing it in people's faces and trying to make them uncomfortable just so you can say, "OMG Homophobe!" Please. It also bothers me when people cash in of their sexuality. *cough Ellen Degeneres cough*. But that's another rant.

Anyway, back to my original beef, agenda pushing. I'm sick of it. Glee's not the only show that's doing it, they just don't try to hide it when they do. And the thing is, it IS only left leaning ideas. I mean I would totally call out shows for blatantly pushing a conservative agenda if it was happening, but the only place that does that is Fox News, which you watch because you want a conservative bias on the news (just like you would watch MSNBC if you wanted an obvious liberal slant). I mean I feel like even if I was a democrat I would think this kind of idea pushing is excessive. No one worth their salt wants to be told what to think. Sure, feed me your oppinions, but don't present them in such a way that makes me an assanine moron if I don't feel the same way. 

It's not like this irritates me to the point that I won't still watch my favorite shows. When you tune into any particular show be it Glee, Grey's Anatomy, or whatever else, you know what it's about and you have expectations as to what you'll probably see so you can be reconciled with the subject matter. But there's a difference between a show were everyone has sex with everyone else and a show that tells you if you aren't having sex, you're lame... you don't want to be lame do you?????? Give me a break.

Thank God for all 6 seasons of Reba on DVD. 

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