Thursday, March 3, 2011

SNL: Disappointment in Action

25 years of laughs and then a whole lot of sucking
Whatever happened to Saturday Night Live? I used to anxiously await staying up on Saturday nights to laugh 'til it hurt watching the likes of Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrel. Now I don't even bat an eye ant the garbage that NBC puts on the air. It's upsetting. For years SNL has produced top-notch comedians and hundreds of hilarious memories. I could go all night recounting some of the best moments. But now there's nothing to look forward to. The writing is largely uncreative, there's no comic timing, and the cast just sucks. What the hell Lorne Michaels???!!!!

I've seen maybe two digital shorts from SNL since Maya Rudolph left the show that made me laugh at all. I keep giving them chances and they keep kicking me square in the balls. The closest they got to being funny again was bringing back an OLD cast member, Tina Fey, to play Sarah Palin. The sketches largely accused Palin of illiteracy and made her look like a bumbling fool (basically the same writing for Presidents George W. and Ford). Hilarious, NOT. It's just so great too how equally they dole out the satire, since they've slightly poked fun at Obama maybe once during his entire presidency. Let's not forget an "address from the President" used to be a weekly occurrence on SNL, and they were all hilarious, but it's clearly more important to pat our inane, pop-culture sensitive president on the head for all the hard work he's doing. Bastards.

It's about more than just obvious political leanings of the current SNL team. They just are NOT FUNNY! It legitimately makes me sad. All That in the late '90s was funnier than SNL is now. These are supposed to be the best in the business? A 6th grade improv class could do better. Give me a break. 

SNL should be boycotted. Their poor attempts at comedy are a drain on our society. We need more motivational speakers and Chicago fans! We need more Land Sharks and clever Weekend Updates! WE NEED MORE COWBELL!!! What is wrong with these people. My advice to SNL: hit the film room! 25 years of sweeping comedic success could teach you something! Chris Farley and John Belushi are rolling over in their narcotic soaked graves. 


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