Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You mean I don't have to actually chew my food????

Recently I was on a diet and discovered the joy of Smoothie King. It's like you're cheating and eating a dessert... but in reality, it's really HEALTHY! Mind-blowing. 

Don't get me wrong, few people can grasp the joy of eating as well as I do. But in the situation I found myself, Smoothie King was pretty much the best thing ever. Except for that it's so freaking expensive, but that's another story.

It's so convenient to have a method of meal replacement that doesn't taste like an ape's butt-hole. And that is exactly what Smoothie King provided for me. All the flavors I tried were de-freaking-licious and so long as the right stuff was in 'em, they were filling too. Smoothie King gets my award for place that got me through my diet. Congratulations oh King of Smoothies, were this award well!

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