Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love Disney

All of you cynical jerks who've forgotten your childhood can kiss my ass, but Disney is the greatest thing in the world! I'm tired of people complaining about how Disney is an evil corporation because they own everything and basically hold a monopoly on children's entertainment. Did it ever occur to anyone that Disney does this because they are far and away the best at what they do?

I cannot stress enough how much I love Disney and everything they do (let's not forget, Disney owns ESPN). Disney movies are joyful, fun, often thought provoking, and hilarious. Also, being a huge fan of musicals, I love how Disney movies play out exactly like a musical filled with awesome song and dance. 

Disney movies have always played a key role not only while growing up, but also in my relationship with my fiance. We both adore Disney and are always watching movies together. In fact, I proposed to her at Disneyland in very dramatic fashion. But that wonderful memory is another story.

Anyway, the bottom-line is: I FREAKING LOVE DISNEY!! In a couple days I'll be making my top 10 Disney movies when I have adequate time. Don't miss it!

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