Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twitter is Worthless

What's the point? Everyone's going nuts about a website that only functions as one aspect of another website.

I'm going to let you people in on a small secret of the universe. Twitter is nothing but facebook statuses! There I said it! What about stripping away all of the other useful and interesting tools on facebook makes a website cool and stylish? Not to mention that for all its simplicity, Twitter is extremely complicated to figure out and use.

I understand that some people use Twitter for news, but there are other easier ways such as watching TV or going to your preferred news website. Twitter updates are excessive and seem like they would be annoying. Also, who cares about what celebrities or, God forbid, normal people are doing at every hour of the day anyway?! No one cares what you had for lunch or how many times you crapped today!

Facebook is the essential social networking tool. Twitter is just a crappy knock-off.

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