Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TCU Police...

The Essential tool for chasing down renegade parkers
...are a bunch of presumptuous douche bags. Seriously, these guys are dicks and serve no practical purpose.

All I have ever seen these people do is write completely unnecessary, and often ticky-tacky parking tickets. As if the parking situation at TCU wasn't miserable enough, TCU police see it necessary to immediately crush anyone trying to catch a break. No joke, I saw one of these guys driving through a parking lot at 3:30 a.m. Sunday night stopping at every car to check its permit. Are you freaking serious?

And how about those cars? Nothing says respect my authority like a gas-guzzling Chevy SUV. Real cops don't even use those. What are they having to go off-road to catch students attempting to park in the grass. Please. Quit taking yourselves so seriously.

Don't give me any crap like, "well they must be doing a good job, there's no crime on campus." BS. TCU is under FWPD jurisdiction anyway! So in reality, TCU police serve virtually no purpose! The closest thing I've ever seen these "officers" do to regulating crime is one of them stopped a man from selling fake Louis Vuitton luggage on campus the other day. Heaven forbid any of our wealthy sorority girls carry anything but the best in designer luggage. God Bless You TCU Police! vomit*

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  1. As a senior, whose lived on campus for four years, I feel the parking pain