Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Post for Special Topics in Journalism

I apologize again for my lack of updates recently, as there has been plenty to write about, what with the NBA Finals and the Rangers resurgence among other things. I've just been busy.

However, for the remainder of this month I will be using my blog for class purposes yet again. Twice a week I'll be posting something relevant to my Special Topics in Journalism class, starting with tonight's post. Now that that's all out of the way, on with my first post!

Today in class we talked about racial diversity, specifically on college campuses and in university recruitment brochures.

Although I think that often these brochures' attempts at displaying diversity are often poor and comical, personally, diversity is simply something that's not frequently on my mind and I don't know that it should necessarily have a large effect on a person's decision to attend a certain school. I pride myself on being a relatively "color blind" person. While I'm all for ethnic and cultural pride (as a Texan, I am as proud of my lineage as anyone could be), I feel like making much ado about racial distinctions is foolish and a waste of time. We are all God's children and completely equal in his eyes. We should treat each other as such and not make distinctions based on color or creed wether positive or negative. It's incredibly beneficial to associate one's self with those different from them, but to go out of one's way to find such a person is a little silly to me. Almost all of my friends, and many of my best friends hold different beliefs from me or are of a different race, but it is not as if I sought them out because of those qualities, we just became friends by chance. Perhaps I'm rambling and all of this has little or nothing to do with the subject at hand. But nonetheless, I hope I'm making some sense. And regardless, this still counts as the first of my two post for the week, so HOORAY!

By the way, GO MAVS!  

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