Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last class we watched some excerpts from the Osbournes, which I had never actually watched before. It's amazing to me how entertaining a show, devoid of plot or purpose, can be. I am a fan of Black Sabbath, so I have no problem with Ozzy, although at times his escapades were quite outrageous. But watching his show, my thoughts wandered beyond just the "Prince of Darkness"

It got me thinking, why in the world are Americans so captivated by reality TV shows of this nature? Shows that aren't a competition or anything, they simply follow someone's everyday life. It's baffling to me why people want to waste their time with such things. I can understand to an extent when it's an iconic family, for example the Osbournes or Kardashians. But Jersey Shore? I mean seriously, people? They aren't even interesting. I don't understand it. People's infatuation with trashy adolescents from New Jersey or filthy rich and bitchy housewives is something that I would be genuinely interested in understanding someday.

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