Thursday, June 9, 2011

Of microfilm and Jackie Robinson

Lately I've been working on my mini-project which is centered around the New York Times' and Star Telegram's coverage of key moments in Jackie Robinson's career, as it was he who broke the MLB color barrier.

My findings have been very interesting. One thing I can certainly say without spoiling my project is it would seem to me, the more Robinson's career progressed and the better he proved to be, papers talked much less about his race and more about him.

I'd also like to mention that looking at microfilm from old newspapers has been extremely interesting. I've loved happening upon articles about football games and historic events from over 60 years ago as they were happening. It's been especially cool to read about legends like Sam Baugh and Jim Swink when they were playing, but in the present tense. Not to mention, there are some pretty funny ads at times as well. It would be interesting to see what other topics I could look more into through microfilm and what I might find.

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